Castle Ravenloft Goodies


WotC will be releasing the Castle Ravenloft board game later this month, but today we got a couple of goodies in the form of extra bonus adventures and a designer’s commentary.
Wow talk about support! The game isn’t even out and they are already releasing extra content! Nice!
The extra adventures for the board game are for groups and consist of an escape from a zombie horde and a quest for the Sunsword.
Download the bonus Castle Ravenloft adventures here.

If you are the type of person who likes a glimpse behind the scenes at how things are made, then you will enjoying reading the designer’s commentary along with a preview look at the Castle Ravenloft rules book. Read the commentary here.

I am very excited about playing this board game and have already pre-ordered it over at Amazon.com and will post a full review once it is released.

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