Player’s Handbook Heroes Set 1 Review and Gallery

The new format for D&D miniatures has been released and the first set we have are Hero miniatures for use with PCs in your game.  There are six packs with three heroes each, two male and one female. Each character comes with a card that is a new power for that class. Each pack retails for $10.99 and includes 2 martial hero packs, 2 arcane, 1 divine and 1 primal pack.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the new set of hero miniatures from Wizards of the Coast for several different reasons. First of all, I would guess that most players are only playing in one game and therefore only need one of the miniatures. That makes it a $10 miniature and you have two extra minis that you may never use. The next big selling point is the power cards.  I really like the idea and for some people they are useful, but for anyone who subscribes to D&D Insider and has the Character Builder, all of these powers are in the program. So for me that isn’t a selling point anymore.

Second, and I know I might take flak for this from some people, but 1/3 of the figures are female and I don’t think this matches up close to D&D’s demographic. I only have my personal experiences to draw from on this but I also saw a large number of D&D games last year at Gen Con and I would say that out of the 6 games and 36 PCs, only 3 were females players or males playing females. That’s only 8% out of a small section, but even looking around at other tables, there weren’t many female players, maybe 10-15% would be a generous estimate. So when a third of the minis are female, although nice to look at, aren’t a selling point. I understand that WotC needs to be “PC” but maybe 1 female out of two packs would be a better idea. And I’m not just upset because the only dragonborn is female ;-)

What I do like are the sculpts and paint jobs. They have really brought up the quality. So overall, I would only recommend buying them if you really want a certain character, or want the power cards, or are a completist ;-) Or you could be like me and just buy the individual minis you want online.

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